SOMACC's enrollment priority consideration is as follows:

  1. Children from low-income families and/or at risk for abuse, neglect, and those who have experienced periods of homelessness or lived in shelters. The families are obtained from the San Francisco Care Connection (SF3C) waiting list, a county-wide centralized child care subsidy database. All eligibility requirements must be met. Please email for more details.   
  2. Siblings of current SOMACC students.
  3. Children whose parent(s) work for CB1, CB2, CB3 businesses within the Yerba Buena Gardens project area (for YBG CDC waitlist only). Proof of employment is required. Please email for more details.
  4. Other applicants based on the application date.

All SOMACC applicants are not guaranteed enrollment in our programs and will only be offered a slot if they are eligible for the classroom openings and if both SOMACC and the families are a good match for each other.