1. When do you recommend submitting an application?

We strongly recommend submitting an application as early as possible to be placed on our waitlist regardless of when you are
planning to send your child to school. The majority of our applicants submit their applications when they first conceive.
Applications are not accepted prior to conception.

Although we accept applications prior to touring our school(s), we still strongly urge all parents of prospective students to visit us
to get an overview of our programs and philosophies, and to have your questions answered. This will help you in your decision
making process whether SOMACC is a good fit in meeting the needs of your child and your family.

2. I would like to apply for my two children. Can I just use one application form?

No. A separate application form and a $75.00 non-refundable application fee are required for each individual child.

3. How will I know if you received our application?

An email confirmation will be sent to the parents to confirm receipt and if applicable, to notify you if your application is incomplete.

An application is incomplete if it is not fully and accurately filled out, if the handwriting is illegible, and/or if it is not accompanied
by a valid check/not fully paid with the $75.00 non-refundable application fee.

For complete applications, your application date will also be stated in the email confirmation.

If you do not receive this email, please call or email Joy Wi at 415.820.3534 | joy@somacc.org, to make sure your application was received and processed.

All submitted applications and fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

4. What is an application date?

The application date is the date when we physically received and date-stamped your completed application form with fee. It is a significant factor that is considered to determine your enrollment precedence.

Incomplete applications will not be given an application date until all requirements are submitted or illegible information are clarified.

5. Is my child guaranteed a spot once he/she is on your waitlist?

Unfortunately, no. Being on the waitlist does not guarantee enrollment in our programs, but it certainly increases your chances when
an opening becomes available.

We are aware of the shortage of early care and education spaces in the community and of the frequent long wait periods to gain access
to service, so we advise you to tour and apply to multiple schools to give yourself options.

6. Is preference given to certain families?

Yes. Priority enrollment consideration is given to:

  1. Children from low-income families and/or at risk for abuse, neglect, and those who have experienced periods of        homelessness or lived in shelters. The families are obtained from the San Francisco Care Connection (SF3C)
     waiting list, a county-wide centralized child care subsidy database. Meeting the eligibility requirements is required.  
  2. Siblings of current SOMACC students.
  3. Children whose parent(s) work for CB1, CB2, CB3 businesses within the Yerba Buena Gardens project area
    (for YBG CDC waitlist only). Proof of employment is required. 

A priority family is also not guaranteed enrollment and will only be offered a slot if they are eligible for the classroom opening
and if both SOMACC and the family are a good match for each other.

7. How long is the waitlist?

The length of the waitlist varies, but it is generally longer for children 0-2 years.  SOMACC has a small Infant and Toddler Program with only nine infants and 12-13 toddlers enrolled at a time.

Moreover, some of our infant and toddler slots go to the state subsidized enrollment. This means that our Infant and Toddler Program
is even much smaller for private enrollment than our licensed and enrollment capacity of nine infants and 12-13 toddlers.

The number of applicants waitlisted in each program changes frequently as a result of continuous submission of new applications
(an average of 2-3 per week) and old applications rolling over as children age that would qualify them for the next program.

8. How long is the wait time?

It is impossible for us to predict how quickly our waitlist will progress. Therefore, we cannot give specific information on ones
"place” or “number” on the wait list or the probability of being enrolled.

Your position on the waitlist and your wait time is affected by our priority enrollments, applications that rolled over, classroom
openings (age-based) and needs, your child’s age, and your application date. 

9. When do you accept new enrollments?

Our schools are open year-round, so we accept new enrollments whenever an opening occurs, usually due to relocation or change
in family situation. How often and in what age group this happens is not predictable. The bulk of new enrollment occurs in the late summer when the Pre-K children graduate to Kindergarten and all the remaining children move "up" to new rooms, thereby
creating opened slots across the board. The number of openings vary each year.   

10. How long will I be on the waitlist? Is there an annual fee for remaining on the waitlist?

You will remain on the waitlist without needing to pay any additional fee until you ask us to remove you or when your child is
already over-aged for our programs.

You will receive an email annually reminding you that you are on our waitlist. We will give you a time frame to contact us to
reconfirm your interest in remaining on the waitlist and to update any family information that may have changed since you applied.
If we do not receive a response from you or we cannot contact you, your child’s application will be removed from our waitlist.
We can reactivate applications anytime, but your application date will change to the date when you contacted us.

11. What happens if my child is already over-aged for the program where we initially applied to?

As your child ages while on the wait list, your application will automatically roll over to the next program where your child qualifies
for by his/her date of birth. Your application date remains the same.

12. How do you determine which family to enroll?

When a space becomes available in a classroom, we look at our waitlist database for the following:

  1. Children age-eligible and who would meet the classroom opening needs
  2. Start date preference that closely matches the opening
  3. Application date

The parents/guardians will then be contacted via phone and email, and will be invited for a dialogue and school visit with their child. Once we determine that both the family and SOMACC are a good match for each other and that we will be able to meet the needs
of the child and the family, an enrollment slot will be offered.

All incoming preschool children must be fully potty-trained prior to enrollment.

13. What happens if I fail to respond to the call/email?

It is very important to respond quickly should a notice be received about an open space.

If we do not receive a response from you within the given time frame or we cannot contact you, your child’s application will be
removed from our waitlist and we will move on to the next eligible applicant on the waitlist. We can reactivate applications anytime,
but your application date will change to the date when you contacted us.

It is very important to always keep your contact information up to date with SOMACC. Outdated information or certain changes in your application may affect your eligibility and chances for enrollment.

14. What happens if I am not ready to enroll when a space is offered to me? Can I reserve the slot for a later enrollment date?

If you defer an enrollment offer, you may choose to remain on the waitlist and your application date will not change. We cannot guarantee, however, that a slot will be available for you at a later time. We do not reserve slots.

15. How can I increase the chances of ultimately attaining a spot for my child?

Flexibility is the key! It is rare to have an opening that exactly matches your ideal start date, but if a spot gets offered to you, it is best
to accept it at that time because there is no guarantee that a spot will be available for you again

16. Who should I contact if I have questions about the waitlist or enrollment?

For waitlist and private enrollment, please contact Joy Wi at 415.820.3534 | joy@somacc.org.

For subsidized enrollment, please contact Melinda Soria at 415.820.3500 | melinda@somacc.org