Transbay Child Development Center

South of Market Child Care, Inc. is working with the award-winning architectural firm Santos Prescott and Associates to design a child development center for today and tomorrow. The Center is located at 220 Beale Street. Our new Transbay Child Development Center is projected to serve 40 - 45 children ages three months to five years old. At least 50 percent of the children will be from low-income families with priority given to families living in the Transbay's Project’s affordable housing units.

Children are active learners. They are intelligent, strong, curious, resilient, competent, brimming with wonder and knowledge, and full of potential. This is why we offer a play- and project based curriculum inspired by two leading philosophies in early childhood education: the Reggio Emilia Approach for preschoolers and Resource for Infants Educarers (RIE) for infants and toddlers. Our new Center’s environment has been designed to be consistent with our educational philosophies.

The design vision for the Center includes: three classrooms, a Piazza or area where the school community can come together, an Atelier or studio area where children can engage in long-term projects, workspaces to encourage individual and group play and learning, and an outdoor garden/play area designed with nature in mind.

We are building tomorrow’s early care and education center today!

We have launched an ambiguous project. It will cost us $2.2 million to build the Transbay Child Development Center. Mercy Housing California has provided us with a “warm shell” with enclosure and services (sewer, water, and electric) roughed in. We are responsible for all tenant improvements including architectural design, interior construction, all finish work, furniture and furnishings. Only with community support will we reach our goals! Gifts of all sizes will help us make a bold dream a reality.

Construction begins Fall 2018 with completion scheduled by summer 2019.